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This project has been designed to enable the Association to achieve a consistent base line of quality across the organisation. The organisation is to be registered as 'Charitable Company' under the leadership of the Trustees and all those groups who agree to work would work within the organisation policies, amongst other things and are assumed to share a common value. The principles underpinning this project is:
Ø the policies and values adopted by the organisation is set out in the policy file/aim
Ø the centrality of the involvement of the service users
Ø that the functions of the trustee, manages service worker and service user are all equally important
Ø the importance of planning and reviewing all aspects of the development of the organisation.


Every minute a child dies of abuse. Child suffered poor housing conditions due to, medical and health care.

 Why does Volta Basin exist?

Volta Basin is seriously committed to helping end poverty, child slavery and social injustice. The Charity offers support and information to anyone concerned with, Homelessness, Education, Training and Employment, advice on landlords and tenants rights and responsibilities
We do this by:
1. Raising money from the general public by actively involving them in events and projects that are innovative and fun as indicated above

2. information, educating, raising awareness and promoting social change

3. allocating the funds we raise in a responsible and effective way to a wide range of activities for deprives young adults.

Committed to Performance and Improvement:
We experience in Advisory Services for Social Housing Organisation and Private sector Landlord Housing. The Organisation has a proven record of providing and delivering highest possible services. We pride ourselves that we can understand what the young deprived adults would be achieving and to help them get the result they are looking for to live as an independent adults and or citizens. We have built a relationship with them and we are trying to transfer our skills and knowledge into their well being in the form of support and Services.

Volta Basin Limited was set up by Housing Professionals to look into ways and means some disadvantage young adults miss out of society. Since the formation of this organisation we have helped some individuals to gain admission to basic and or further education, have provided support and assistance to them to join Job clubs, Youth Clubs, have helped some who have gain admission to basic/further education, employment, training and how to manage their Financial Resources. Some of the Committee Members have been working in close partnership with various Local Authorities, such as, City of West Minster, London Borough of Ealing, Croydon and Hillingdon Council. Housing Association and Private Sector Landlords. 

Every minutes a child dies of poor water condition. Every minute a child dies of neglection

Every minute a child dies due to Starvation. No Educational facilities

Child Labor                  Lack of rural areas development.


No environmental protection. Every Minute a child dies due to Starvation and poor sanitation

Please help stop now by donating generiously to wealthy cause.

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